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Internet Connectivity

Fast Internet is absolutely critical to your success.

SOHO Internet


Copper is an affordable, effective choice for most small to medium businesses, offering faster download and uptimes than traditional modem lines.

UFB (Ultra Fast Broadband)

Get your Internet buzzing at ultra fast speeds! If the network is available in your area, we can get you hooked up to UFB. It’s a great option for businesses looking for higher speeds and a reliable service at a super- affordable price.


Velocity provides higher speeds than UFB, at a better price point. It’s available in selected high-density areas.

Corporate Connections


HSNS is a next-generation service that offers committed bandwidth when shared infrastructure is starting to pinch. At Belton we love the SLA/price balance struck with HSNS and increasingly recommend it to customers.

Dedicated Fibre

Belton Fibre is the top dog when you’re looking for high-capacity Internet and warp-speed connectivity. With industry-leading business and enterprise SLAs, and speeds from 5Mbit to 10GBit, Belton Fibre offers exceptional performance.


Wide Area & Virtual Private Networks

When you need to connect multi-site offices, clients and employees quickly and securely, a Wide Area or Virtual Private Network could be the best solution for your business.

Ready to accelerate your Internet capabilities? Talk to us about finding the best connection for your business needs. Call us today on 0800 Belton (235866) or email support@belton.co.nz