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Check out our solutions to see the various ways we can help you conquer your IT.

Web Design

Let us take the hassle out of designing a website for you.

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Cybersecurity & Networking

Security Software, routers, switches, firewalls and networking equipment – branded and open-source.

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Auckland Workshop

We have a dedicated technical team and workshop located at our office where all offsite repairs can be carried out quickly

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Hardware Installation

Sure, it is easy enough to pull a new computer out of a box, but have you considered the following?

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Cloud Computing

Move your office to the cloud. Hosted email, desktop and applications to set your business free.

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Internet Connectivity

Fast Internet is absolutely critical to your success.

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Small Business Servers – Exchange Servers – File Servers – All the servers

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Voice and Phones (VoIP)

VoIP allows you to make your phone calls through your Internet connection, saving you money on your phone bill.

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We Sell Computers

All the hardware you might want to purchase is available from Belton.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Losing critical business files is devastating – let us prevent that from happening.

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Managed Services

You pay us a monthly fee – and we become responsible and accountable for everything IT. Easy.

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Remote Support Helpdesk

Remote and phone support whenever you need it.

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Afterhours Support

Great for retail, businesses with shift workers or unsupervised branch staff.

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Onsite IT Support

Need an engineer to come out and provide help? We’ve got it.

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Computer Check-Up and Maintenance

Like cars, computers need to be serviced regularly to keep them running in top shape!

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