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Te Puna Hauora

Te Puna Hauora have a large IT infrastructure to run their Clinic and other health services they provide.

Te Puna Hauora


Te Puna Hauora have a large IT infrastructure to run their Clinic and other health services they provide. Carlo Manlutac, IT Coordinator at Te Puna Hauora has been our primary contact for over 5 years and says ”We are a busy GP Clinic and we need 100% uptime if possible, and Belton has been very supportive and reliable. We have provided full support for Te Puna Hauora throughout this time and are called upon to help out with everything from simple printer installations through to replacing their entire server environment - twice.



The primary challenge facing Te Puna Hauora when we first engaged with them was the inflexibility of their previous IT Support company (who position themselves primarily at 20 to 50 seats) who were unable to provide support in the prompt manner required. Te Puna Hauora were also unable to make adjustments to their support agreement to fix the monthly support costs which is important for their funding structure. “The fixed monthly cost is very reasonable, and this includes all Medtech 32 updates and Medtech 32 Database maintenance.”



Belton IT has provided a completely fixed price monthly agreement including the afterhours updates and maintenance required by Medtech 32. With a key requirement being uptime we have implemented a new customised DR solution for the entire site to ensure that if they need to bring everything back up and running separate from their front line infrastructure that we are able to do this within an acceptable time frame. Overall they find that “With the support and solutions provided by Belton, the IT infrastructure of our business has improved greatly.” Due to budgetary constraints we built our own solution which was able to be provided to Te Puna Hauora at approximately 55% of the cost of a solution from a major vendor. This same solution also allows us to boot up servers from particular points in time going back to when the solution was implemented.



With Belton IT’s fixed support agreement and outstanding levels of support, IT is simply one less thing to worry about for the staff of Te Puna Hauora, they find that IT is “Very reliable and if there is an issue Belton will sort out the issue immediately with 100% problem resolution.”