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Client Testimonials

We’re blushing! Read what our clients think about working with us….

The same level of service, regardless of your size

“What I like about your company is the fact that you and your staff treat the "little person" as you do the big companies. Nothing is too simple or small that you don't fix, which makes one feel just as important as the "big guy!"”

Margaret Crookbain

Excellent value for money

“I have been a client for over 12 years. You are always at the end of a phone or an email and all staff is very helpful and efficient at solving my problems/holding my hand while I get used to new things. Very good value for money.”

Melanie Scott

Always willing to go the extra mile

1. “They have a great team of support staff who are willing to do anything to please. 2. They are patient with me when I bombard them with requests one after another. 3. They understand me, even when I don’t. 4. The combined knowledge is exceptional. 5. The staff in other departments respond to enquiries quicker than a speeding bullet. 6. Everyone is willing to go the extra mile. 7. They are great at small talk 8. They can talk you off the ledge when you are frustrated. 9. They are great at untangling leads 10. The top dogs Jason and Amy are always available for their customers and leap into action when required. I could go on but I’ve been told that I must get back to work. Please thank the team for doing a wonderful job, it certainly makes my job easier.”

Karen Thrupp

Finance & Administration Manager - Renaissance Group

The go-to guys for all things PC

“I love Belton because I get immediate helpful direct advice and updates for both Antivirus (NOD32) and general laptop wellness for family usage. There are plenty of computer repair companies out there - Belton we find a good 'go to' for all things PC.”

Roger Harsent

Simply the best

“You’re a Tina Turner type of company, “Simply the best, better than all the rest. ”What more can I say!”

Roger Fletcher

S & I Solutions Ltd.

High quality products

“Your email has come at the right time! We are looking at replacing our system which was purchased from you way back in about 2005! We have been very pleased that it has lasted so well, and would be happy to deal with you again.”

Brett & Barbara Steel

Steel Dynamics

Now my computer works instantly…

“I "love" Belton IT because we have just had all our computers and server replaced and I can actually use the Internet now and it is instant and I don't have to wait five minutes for a page to open. I can also use the database and that is instant too and I don't have to wait ages for a client details to come up and keep them talking while their details load. I also really love having two screens!”

Rob Edwards

Kiwi Alarms

You always get it done

“You always get it done for me! Staff are friendly, personable & professional.”

Paul Ford

Director, Fordex International (NZ) Ltd

Reliable, efficient, and heart in the right place

“Belton: reliable, efficient, and heart in the right place. Good on you for supporting the City Mission. (Yes, I read your emails to the end!)”

Anne Priestley

Awesome support

“You guys really are awesome. I always find your team so helpful – whatever the dumb question sometimes may be and all so courteous and willing to assist. It is invaluable as a small business owner, and I am now based in HB, to have that support so readily available and with such a great attitude. Thanks a million.”

Meg Bremner

MC Events

You always fix my problems

“Why do I use Belton IT Nexus? Because they have never let me down in the 15 or so years I have used their services. Especially when I was self-employed and working from home. Now I am retired, the Belton team have always been patient, kind and sooooooooo knowledgeable when I have asked their advice and help. My nine grandchildren are always telling me they will help me, but I always turn to Belton as I know they will always fix my problem.”

Denise Mitchell

Prompt service

“What I love about Belton IT Nexus is your prompt and conclusive responses to my queries and problems.”

Angela Ashley-Wilson

Always willing to help

“A big thanks in 2013 to Ben; he is outstanding and always willing to help and get things sorted for myself and Smartbox. Thanks Ben!”

Steve Phillips


Outstanding service

“When I first became involved with Belton some 10 years ago it was a one-man band and I have watched how successfully the company has grown under the leadership of Jason, which is a credit to him - he has been able to employ a first class team of people who are interested in their clients. I am 88 years of age have become heavy involved with computers which I knew little about 10 years ago - it is thanks to the Belton team for now making me very efficient for my age. Without Belton's help this would not have been possible. Just recently I have written a book of 20000 words and many photographs. Belton has guided me through the process and finished up arranging the printing. There are many other computer companies in the city but I have found Belton's service outstanding and recommended them to many of my friends who have been equally impressed. Their growth factor is first class and (they) have a great future.”

Grainger Hannah

Prompt, Professional and Helpful

Thank you for the help I received online this week - as always your prompt, professional and helpful assistance is greatly appreciated in our house. I don't hesitate to recommend your firm to others since I am continually satisfied with your standards. In addition, perhaps not every customer likes to be informed as you work on a problem with their computer, but I certainly do;  I learn a lot that way and I feel more secure as a result.