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Case Studies

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Masport - moving email to the cloud!


Masport have a large and complex internal IT infrastructure managed by the internal IT support staff and were interested in outsourcing parts of their environment, Tracy Prier IT Manager at Masport informs us the reasoning behind this is ”The growing criticality of our email system as a core component of our business and understanding that an in-house IT team with its normal budgetary constraints could never offer the availability of a company that specialised in this and had the infrastructure in place to provide it.” The management brief included the need to source a trusted and respected partner to provide a better quality solution that the incumbent solution while lowering the total short and long term costs.


The primary challenge facing Masport which initially required their engagement was that the version of Microsoft Exchange they were running was coming out of Microsoft support, does not allow connections with the newest version of Outlook and finally the real day to day impact was that the database size limit had been surpassed long ago, requiring the painful use of 3rd party add-ins to provide a semi-online Email archiving solution. The internal IT staff did not have the time to migrate their environment to a new Exchange server and had realised long ago that there was no need for them to maintain their own Exchange server.


Belton IT’s Server team considered using both Office 365 and our own private hosted Exchange but settled on providing Masport a dedicated cloud hosted Exchange server to allow Masport’s IT staff to manage the environment themselves, which lowers support costs. This server is replicated to our secondary location in addition to a normal 15 minute backup to ensure quick recovery is possible. Tracy has said that he is “extremely pleased” with the solution implemented


We were able to implement this solution as planned, fulfilling all goals set out by Masport and surpass their initial expectations. We supplied an expandable long term solution which lowers Masport’s IT expenditure significantly, both long and short term. Belton has proven with its “Flexibility, Pricing and Knowledge” it has the skills and chosen as Masport’s partner for any future IT consultation, Infrastructure upgrades and help them towards their goal of moving more services to our private cloud when they require it.